Tuesday, April 27, 2010

National Vomit on the HR Lady Day- April 26th

Wow! Yesterday I left work feeling like I had been kicked repeatedly in the face.  I love my job and the company I work for and the people I work with.  That being said, I ended up checking  my calendar to see whether "National Vomit on the HR Lady Day" was supposed to be observed because it was definitely being observed in my workplace yesterday.   I worked through lunch yesterday, which is pretty normal for me, and stayed late (also normal) but felt like I was working at triple the speed I usually do.  So I took my mentally exhausted self home, skipped physical therapy, ate my weight in chocolate, and fell asleep at 7:30PM.  It was amazing!

Today, it has been equally challenging but I decided to take a lunch break for mental health purposes.  I have to say that being able to eat without interruption and not having to worry about someone walking into my office while I'm stuffing a HUGE bite of food in my mouth is pretty awesome!  Surely people can wait an hour for their forms, questions about the 2014 holiday schedule, answers to hypothetical benefit questions, and venting sessions.  Right?  


  1. "CanNOT wait!! CanNOT wait!! I need you NOW!! 2014 will be here any minute!

  2. I think it's perfectly reasonable to be questioning you about things happening in 2014 today. I don't know why you think they could wait it's obviously VERY important:)

  3. If this weren't so true, it WOULD be funny! I have found that the most important thing to most people is the thing that they are thinking about at the moment! Given another moment, it would be another thing which would of course be NOW the most important thing and we should stop whatever we are doing to address it. Eat lunch. It's good for you. :)