Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom: The Superhero

Happy Mother's Day

My mom is also my best friend.  We didn't have the type of relationship though where she was too lenient on me.  There was definitely a line between mother/daughter and friendship and I only crossed it a couple of times...and regretted it.  I was expected to be polite, honest, kind, respectful, well behaved....but my mom also knew that I was a passionate child.  My opinions started early and she was always a sounding board for my ideas, rants, plans, and strategies for solving the world's problems.  It was always safe to say my most dramatic of statements, my most shocking of ideas, and my fears to her.  She acknowledged my views and counseled me based on scripture and then left it up to me. 

My mom and I are both very competitive by nature so we have to either limit ourselves when we play a game or sport or we go all out.  I appreciate that during all of my growing up years she never once let me win a game (well, minus the very young childhood years).  She knew that as much as I wanted to win I wanted to earn the win.  My mom and I LOVE scrabble and I'm positive that she won this game and I probably had to fight back being a sore loser.  :)

There is too much to say about my mom.  One of my favorite memories is from a few years back.  After my engagement broke off I didn't really talk about it to anyone.  When I did, I was usually trying to cover up emotion and would talk about it nonchalantly even though I felt like my heart was shattered.  Probably close to two years after the actual break up, I couldn't hold it in anymore and I called my mom.  I remember her picking up the phone and I couldn't even get out a "hello".  She said hello again and I  feared she might think I was a prank caller and would hang up.  Instead, she immediately said, "Jessi?  Are you okay?"  And I bawled.  She had been waiting for me to finally mourn and she could just sense that it was me on the other line.  She's a superhero.

My mom was/is the biggest contributor to shaping my spiritual life. She is the epitome of enduring to the end and keeping a positive attitude.  I always knew that she love God first and foremost and everyone else knew/knows it too.  She helped me understand God's love just by loving me.  She is always patient.  She expected us to abide by the rules, but when we made mistakes she didn't just scold us and walk away.  She counseled us, let us know that we didn't have to be owned or defined by our mistakes.  She forgave.  In my teen years the thing that helped me most was when she would say, "this is what I know to be true and this is WHY, but you have to find that for yourself."

I'm glad that I get my maternal instincts, nurturing, and love for children from her.  I look at the influences she had growing up so there's no way she would be anything other than wonderful.  She had Joy Leighton-Floyd, Kay Leighton-Floyd, Barbara Leighton-Floyd, Minnie Bergeson, and Carol Bruns, among others.  I hope that I have a positive impact on the children that I come into contact with.  For now, it's my nieces and nephews and my friend's children but I hope to one day take in foster children and even adopt. 

Here's to all the mothers, those who will be mothers, and those who are like mothers.  I, of course, have the most phenomenal mom on the planet. :)