Friday, June 4, 2010

I Love My Job

My birthday was on Wednesday. My co-workers brought in a cake, cards, a few little gifts, and had balloons in my office. I was so touched by their gestures! I went about my day, in a great mood, letting things slide here and there: "Oh, you still haven't turned in your direct deposit form? No problem! Just try again later this week." Who doesn't want to have a good day at work on their birthday?  I can wait one more day for a form I've been waiting a month for, right?

It was a mistake though. The following day, balloons a little deflated, the reality of being another year older tattooed on my face, I was annoyed. My co-workers, however had a spring in their step. I could just hear them thinking, "The HR lady is being so cool I think I will put off turning in my timesheet, my direct deposit form AND I will tell a politically incorrect joke....she won't care!" Boy, were they in for a surprise!

Now the universe is back in alignment. The employees make up lame excuses for missing forms and gripe about benefits, and I very professionally nag them and tell them that next year THEY can shop for the insurance plan since it was such a joy for me.....

I do love my job


  1. Well at least there was one good day right? =)

  2. I guess you are getting to that old and cranky stage now...ha ha. If you are there then I am WAY WAY past it, and I don't feel old or cranky yet. So hooray for turning a year older :)

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  4. I actually have a lot of fun at work and enjoy what I do...there just seem to be days or even weeks at a time when everyone collectively makes my job harder by flaking out on really simple tasks....must have something to do with a full moon :)

    Now, instead of getting angry or irritated, I am going to turn these experiences into humorous blog posts.