Sunday, October 10, 2010

Night Cleaning

I clean at night.  Do you remember that kid at slumber parties, or maybe it was you, who would refuse to sleep or go to the bathroom or anything else that would take them out of the action?  They didn't want to miss anything.  That's how I am with cleaning. 

Sometimes, on weekends, I get these ideas to open the windows and the doors and do some heavy duty cleaning and organizing.  I turn on some music, enjoy the smells from outside, the breeeeeze...mmmm...the smell of leaves burning.....and then I am outside sitting with a glass of iced tea and a book I've been meaning to read.  Then, I look up from reading to see my neighbors on a walk.  So, I grab my new New Balance tennis shoes and go jogging on a trail I love.  On my way home, sweaty and tired, I think about how nice a nap would be.  Once I get home I see the start of my cleaning/organizing efforts strewn about and there's no way I can nap with my apartment in disaray so I buckle down and start cleaning again.  This lasts for a while and I make good progress, but then I see a squirrel run across my patio and the setting sun catches my it's back outside for me!....until dark.

This is why I clean at night.  I am less tempted at night to go outside, take a walk or go shopping. 

Over the weekend I decided to take on a huge organizing project....The Closet.  Gah!  It's not that it's messy; it's just not efficiently arranged.  I get overwhelmed in this type of project.  I love to sort but it gets out of hand.  First, I sort three piles 1)Donate 2) Keep and 3) throw out.  Simple.  Halfway through sorting, the "Keep" pile starts bugging me.  "some of those items need to be hung up, some laundered, others put in my seasonal clothing bins...."  so that pile becomes three piles. A new project is born out the original unfinished project.  It's a nigthmare and the same thing happens with the other piles. However, there is a method to my madness even it is....madness.  It gets done and everything is perfect,.  My closet project was completed between 11pm and 6am on Saturday.  My sleep cycle is now way off but that's a different post entirely.