Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inappropriate Inquiries

I was standing with an armload of merchandise waiting to pay for my loot at my favorite clothing store.  Oh how I love shopping!  Cashier approaches. . .Friendly greetings were exchanged.  I handed over my discount cards, swipe my membership card and we chatted about the new styles, great weather and she ecstatically told me that she recently got engaged!!!  Yeah!  I notice her ring (because she is proudly waving it in front of my face) and we comment about it and about how her fiance is perfect....all is well.

Then...(cue ominous music "dun dun dunnnn") ...things begin to go downhill.

Cashier:  "Are you married?"

Me:  "Nope!  Maybe someday."  I say this half-heartedly because currently I am throwing down some money on clothing and I have no one to answer too! :)

Cashier (sadly):  "Awwww....well you still have time."  Gee, thanks lady.  "Serious boyfriend?"

Me (beginning to get annoyed but keeping an upbeat tone):   "Nope.  No one on the horizon really."

Don't get me wrong I totally understand that when people have something that makes them happy they think you need the same thing to make you happy and when you don't have it they think you aren't happy....but she didn't stop there.

Cashier:  "Alright....can you confirm your address and birth date for me?"

I confirm it.  Then, she gets a horrified look on her face!

Cashier:  "Oh my gosh I didn't realize you were 26!"
*the cashier is probably barely 20

I look at her waiting for her explanation of what is so horrifying about being 26.

Cashier:  "I mean, that's close to 30! I know people are waiting longer to get married....but you don't even have a serious boyfriend!"

Me:  "Mmm hmmmm."  I grab my shopping bag as she hands me the receipt and hoping she will shut her mouth while she's behind.

She doesn't.

Cashier:  "Aren't you afraid that when you finally find someone, you will be too old  to have kids?"

I shrug.  As I turn to walk away I say, "Who says I want kids?"

Cashier:  "Everybody wants---"

Me:  "Congratulations on your engagement."

Exit store.

Oh tact, where art thou?

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  1. bwahahahaha....I totally wish you would have broken down in tears and made a huge scene just to make her feel bad about saying ridiculous things. I have ppl in their 50's and 60's now who quietly say, "oh sweetie your still young, you still have time." I want to snarkily reply, "thanks, I was totally just wondering if I could possibly get personal affirmation from a perfect stranger. you have made my day."