Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Interviews, Dating and Goals

Interviewing candidates for a job is like blind dating.  You have so much hope going in and then you realize all too soon that the resume (or the friend's glowing remarks) definitely don't match up to the person sitting before you. 

Many times, the interviewee/date just isn't a good fit.  No big deal.  We're a little bit country and they're a little bit rock-n-roll, or vice versa.  Nice to meet you but this isn't going to work out.

The biggest example of how interviewing candidates for a job is like blind dating is that there is always that awkward moment when talking about . . . GOALS.  It is shocking how many people do not have goals or cannot articulate them.

Some quick advice, if you don't have any goals currently please get some.  Or one.  Or pretend to have some.  Ask your friends what their goals are and then use those.  For real.  In and interview I just want to know you have at least put the bare minimum of thought into it. 

For those who are taken aback by that question in an interview...."So what are your long-term professional and personal goals?"  'Ummmmm' does not suffice as an answer.  Cocking your head to the side and going glassy-eyed doesn't work either.  Giggling and shrugging your shoulders and saying (insert Valley Girl tone here), "I just wanna, like, work for a stable company," gets you nowhere. You might as well just say, "Look lady, I just want a paycheck. Dig it?"

In a dating scenario, it still amazes me how many guys are like (let's go with a stupid caveman tone), "So. . .I was just hoping you'd marry me, cook and clean for me and bear 29 of my children.  Cuz that's what women want, right?"  Nope.  Not. 

The moral of this story is:  There isn't really a moral.  I'm exhasuted from interviewing people and it reminds me of dating, which I hate, and EVERYONE NEEDS GOALS!

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