Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rewind to 2007

I found a disc tonight that was labeled "Pics from 2007".  Well nothing good ever came from that kind of label and this picture is proof!  Quite a bit happened in 2007, including my 23rd birthday, which was celebrated at my apartment with my siblings, my months old nephew and my mommy.  Yes, we are wearing pirate hats; I know you are jealous.  DudeGuyMan and I, of course, acted like complete morons....but that's nothing new. 

Interesting facts:  I lived in Missouri at the time and worked for the company famous for the little blue box.  I was a size 0--is that really a size? Those jeans I am wearing had a retail value of $250 and I paid $20 :)  I still have them, not because I ever expect to or want to ever be a size 0 but because they are proof that I once was!  2007 was the year I became a workaholic, went back to college and started coming out of my post-engagment funk.  Ah...the memories!


  1. That picture is amazing! I look so intense... And kinda like a goblin..............