Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thanks a lot, Kid!

There's nothing like hanging out with a 5 year old to keep you humble.  And by you, I mean me.

Over the weekend I traveled to attend my nephew's 5th birthday party and spend some quality time with him.  C is the most "neglected" of my nieces and nephews because he lives the furthest away.  We had a great weekend of bonding!

After church today, C asked me, "Can we take pictures with my new camera?" 

Me:  "Of course!" 

C:  "Yay!  Can I take pictures of you too?" 

Me:  "Sure!"  Half jokingly I added, "But you can only take pictures of my good side...."

I mentally high-fived myself.  Way to bond!  This kid loves me!  And I'm super witty!  My make-up looks awesome! 

Once in the car, C had his camera in hand. 

I turned around in my seat to face him so that he could take a picture.  Just as he was about to snap the picture, he lowered the camera and said, " is your good side?"


Mental high-five voided.  Give the kid a point...he's super witty.  Seriously one of the funniest moments ever.

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  1. I love it!! I decided to read some of your back posts, now I have to go through and read start to finish. BTW I love C just from this single post, and he probably wouldn't be so witty without an awesomely witty aunt. :)