Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Unthinkable Utterance

This morning Palestinian terrorist group,Hamas, is yet again launching rockets into Israel from Gaza, more than 50 in fact.  If you follow the conflict in the Middle East, you almost become desensitized to hearing about rockets and mortars.  I try not to let myself become desensitized to it especially because I am usually comfortably and safely sitting in my apartment reading about it. 

As I was reading The Jerusalem Post online about today's attacks, this quote caught my eye:
"We are used to sporadic rocket and mortar fire, but this was not the daily show we are used to,"
How thankful are you that in your daily, civilian life you do not have to utter those words?  "We are used to sporadic rocket and mortar fire."  I hope that never becomes our reality and I hope we will not sit idly by and shrug off the fact that it is someone else's reality. 

Stay informed about global happenings.  It all affects us or will one day affect us, even if we choose to ignore it.  Today, be thankful that you do not know the fear of having rockets launched at you and your loved ones.

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