Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Judge Not. . .

Early morning flight to Dallas, TX; I positioned myself in a seat by the window right behind the wing.  I love to watch the flaps adjust during take off and landing.  I watched the crew throw our luggage into bins and then load them into the plane while I also eavesdropped on the conversation between the men sitting next to me.

I could tell the men were native Texans--the accent--and that they were businessmen, probably director level if not executive.  I kept to myself but enjoyed listening to them and even though I had not actually looked at them I imagined they were in business suits, one of them probably wore glasses, they were probably clean cut and in their early 40s. 

One of the men tapped my arm and said, "Kin yooo hold mah caw-feee darlin'?"

For real with the accent.

As I turned to face him I was taken aback by his appearance.  He was clean cut with glasses and probably in his early forties, as I had assumed, but he was not in a business suit.  He had on wrangler jeans, a belt with a ginormous belt buckle, a cowboy hat and boots.  To me it looked like a costume or something you would wear only if attending a Tim McGraw concert.  I almost snorted but caught myself, smiled, and then grabbed the the coffee cup he was holding out to me.  I had totally stereotyped him based on the conversation he was having.   

When he sat back down he looked at me for a moment and said, "You don't see a lot of people dressed like this, I imagine?"

I blushed a little since he had noticed my dramatic reaction to him.  "No.  Sorry, hearing your conversation I didn't expect the cowboy getup--err I mean that you aren't in a suit."

"Welllll, not gonna lie, I was a little nervous sitting next to a young lady with purr-pull hay-yurrr. In a business suit no less."

Touche.  Guess I'm not the only one who can sterotype.
Moral of the story:  Judge not. . . or the remainder of your flight to Dallas might be awkward.  No wait I mean. . . lest ye be judged.

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