Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Man in Ceiling

I took what I had anticipated being a quick, late afternoon break to refresh my coffee, stretch my legs and make a restroom stop.  Once in the restroom I heard a male voice say, "Ma'am"  I froze. I looked around hoping that I had not walked into the men's bathroom.   Nope.  Once I established that I was indeed in the women's restroom I heard the voice again, "Ma'am, don't go into the stall."

My heart raced.  "God?" 

Okay, so I know that if God had been audibly speaking to me He probably would have called me by name instead of calling me ma'am but in order to be less creeped out I was really wishing it was God, not a man, speaking to me in the women's restroom.

I looked all around and finally saw a hole in the ceiling. 

I looked closer and noticed a man peering down through the ceiling.  What the WHAT!?  I gasped a little and demanded to know what he was doing up there!  It turns out that he was responding to a maintenance request with the air conditioner or something. 

Before I turned to flee I yelled, "You should put a sign on the door that says 'Man in Ceiling- use another restroom'!  Then I fled to the another floor of the office building.  The ladies in the restroom on the 2nd floor thought I was nuts.  I walked in and looked all around the bathroom and then said, "Do you know if any men have been in the ceiling?"

Looking back, it would have been wise to give the ladies some background information before asking the question.  Now I just seem crazy.


  1. You know who the guy was right? It was the dude that lived in the attic of your old apartment! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You're evil! I shiver just thinking about that. Gah!

  3. OH WOW!!!! This made me laugh so hard?!?! And who used to live in the attic where?!?! A creeper?