Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Chances of being Terrible

I follow a fabulous blog called Evil HR Lady.  I love it!  Suzanne Lucas is an experienced HR professional who posts helpful information for other HR professionals, employers and employees.  She's brilliant and has a great perspective on how to handle a myriad of issues.  I got a little mad at Evil HR Lady yesterday, though, when I saw her latest blog post entitled 9 Signs Your HR Manager is Terrible

I have often proven points to my boss using information from the Evil HR Lady blog (which I of course researched further) and immediately thought to myself, "Oh no!  What if this blog proves that I'm terrible and my boss randomly reads it and uses it against me?!"  Okay, one, my boss is amazing and would probably only use it as a joke or to coach me out of my terribleness....I hope....and two, he doesn't read the blog.

Hesitantly, I clicked the link to the post knowing that there were nine documented chances I could be terrible. I read it with my head turned to the side, one eye shut, gripping the couch cushion in case one of the nine reasons stated something like, Your HR Manager is terrible if she likes to prank employees.  or Your HR Manager is terrible if her name is Jess and she freaks out about really stupid and random things....and uses her office windows as a whiteboard.

Fortunately for me, the nine reasons an HR Manager could be terrible had nothing to do with my name, my OCD, window writing, or prankster-ness.  In fact, the blog reinforced that I am in fact not terrible at my job, according to the Evil HR Lady, I might even be pretty stellar at my job.  Phew!  That was a close one.

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