Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crying is a Gift

A Wise Woman, whom I pay for wisdom, told me, "Crying is a gift."  I normally would have snorted at that Hallmark type sentiment but because I am unable to let myself cry, even in the most deserving of situations, I pondered her statement for a bit.  Nodded.  Held back a few tears.  Then, I decided that the next time I need to cry I will remind myself that it's a gift and see if I can release it, instead of telling myself to "go wash my face". 

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  1. I used to hold things in so much that I would become angry with myself when tears leaked out. I associated crying with weakness. Then one day I was talking with my brother Tommy about it and he said, "Laura, I love when you cry. When you cry you show the world that your heart is alive. Don't ever be ashamed to show that to people." There's a small part of me that still hates to cry and considers it weak...but I've gotten good at telling that part of me to shut it. :)