Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Rant: TY and other ways to sound like an ungrateful moron

Acronyms serve a great purpose.  Taking notes, leaving a quick note, and sending an email are much more effective when universally known acronyms are used.  I do know someone who creates acronyms for everything and expects others to know what he's talking about:  Jess, go ahead and STBS and confirm when that's completed.  Uhhhh....what the what is STBS?  Annoyed look from said person and then (in a condescending tone): "Send. The. Bank. Statement."  Ohhhhh, gotcha.  Not.  That's not what this rant is about; I just felt the need to share while on the topic of acronyms.

Some helpful and time saving acronyms are:  FYI (for your information), BTW (by the way), ASAP (as soon as possible), b/t (between), w/ (with) w/o (without).  You get the point.  There is one acronym that I have noticed is becoming more and more widely used.  Everytime I see it, I'm offended. Drum roll please. . . .


It stands for Thank You. 

Really, society?  We need to abbreviate an expression of appreciation?  We can't just type out seven extra letters and hit the space bar to let someone know we appreciate the contract they spent two days writing only to have to revise the whole thing one week later in less than half the time?  Blood, sweat and tears all in one email attachment, for something that was needed ASAP, and the reply I get?  TY.  I would have been happy with "Thanks" if typing out "You" is too much to handle.  The worst part?  I have actually had someone verbally thank me with "Tee-Wy, Jess."  Dumbfounded does not even begin to describe my state of being in that moment.

Well, YW.  Or better yet, YSOW (You're Sort of Welcome). 

Here is the rant: 

We are becoming increasingly lazy with one of the most valuable resources we have:  language.  It's hard to find anyone who takes it seriously anymore, who understands sentence structure, and who cares about spelling and punctuation.  Many Americans whine about those who speak foreign languages living in the United States.  "Learn English!"  Many of those same people couldn't construct a proper sentence if their life depended on it,verbally or written.  The ironic thing?  The people who we think should learn English probably understand our language better than the vast majority of us.

I'm tempted to start sending business emails with, "Here ya go" and no other info in the body.  I should respond to all emails with a "yep" or a "nope". Oh!  And let's all stop capitalizing pronouns and the first letter of sentences.  Better yet; no punctuation at all!  lets just send communication to one another with the bare minimum of effort foregoing everything we were taught by our dedicated and underpaid english teachers n call it good lol n then lets sit around n discuss y are children cant get in2 a good college surely its not b/c they cant right who needs to learn how to right or speak well talk good  thats wut we hav spelling and grammar check for

The End

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  1. This is one of the reasons I love you Jess! I agree 100%!