Monday, June 13, 2011

Shameless Plug. . .

Received a call today from one of my favorite stores, wishing me a happy belated birthday!  I was like, "Thanks!!!!!!. . .do you call every customer on their birthday?"  Well, no they don't call every customer on their birthday, just the ones who spend their life savings in their store.  That's my wording, not theirs.  Their wording was, "We make personal calls to clients who do significant business with us."  That I do.

So that's not even the best part!  Because they were belated in wishing me a happy birthday, they are not only giving me the normal 15% off purchases during my birth month, they are are also giving me an additional 20% off through July!  What the WHAT?!  Yeah!  You know how to keep a girl happy, Bare Escentuals!!   (Oak Park Mall location)!

Before you judge me, just know that Bare Escentuals skin care and make up are the ONLY skin care and make up that I can wear without having a weird severe reaction which can lead to a Quasimodo type look (you know, Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame?  Yeah....).  Bare Escentuals makes me pretty and keeps my skin healthy!

Me without Bare Escentuals:
Me with Bare Escentuals:
Big difference, right?

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