Monday, July 18, 2011

The Road to TITLE

This is how I used to feel about working out. 

Run run run run run run run run run run 
This is....boring.....annnnnd miserable
Run run run run run run run run
I'm out of breath.  I'm really out of breath.  Gah.  Just 30 more minutes!
Run run run run run run run run 
29 more minutes.  I can do it. 
Run run run run run run run 
Oh look, something shiny! 
Run run run run run run 
Why am I running?  I hate running.  I'm going to pass out. 
Slow. the speed. turn. down the. resistance.  de.crease. the. incline.
Gasp for air! 
Jog    jog    jog    jog    jog    jog. 

I fumble with the buttons on the evil treadmill until I realize that I can't figure out how to shut it off! 
Jog   jog   jog   jog  stumble jog   jog   jog 
I end up grabbing the side of the panel and and leaning on my left arm while I continue to clumsily jog, gasp for air and press buttons with my right hand.  Then, panic sets in because I can't make it stop and I can't breathe so I attempt to gracefully slide off of the machine which results in a backwards, awkward,           fffflll i i i i i i i i i i n n n n g g g g! 

I'm sure no one noticed.  Oh wait, except for all those beautiful people over there.  Muahahaha!  We can run on a treadmill for 3 hours straight, while lifting 800 pounds and smiling the whole time!  Look at our muscles!

This is how I used to feel about working out:  sad.  I love being active and staying shape so over the years I have tried to find ways to do just that but alas, each gym membership left me wanting to stab myself in the eyeball and ultimately led to the Gym Drive-by. 

The Gym Drive-by is when you arrive at or near the gym you excitedly joined a few months prior, and before turning the steering wheel of your car to enter the parking lot you think, would be a lot of effort to park and walk in.....I think I'll go home and eat ice cream.  So you drive on by. Even though you will have unholy amounts of money auto-debited from your checking account for the next year, you justify it as less painful than the experience of working out.

When it came time to cancel or renew a gym membership, one of the gym rat staff members tried convincing me to renew it.  I don't ever come here, I said, visibly annoyed.  I think I need something interactive and competitive, not weights and treadmills. "You can take Zumba" (it's dance aerobics or something).  Yeah, sorry I'm not sure if you noticed, but I can't even exit a treadmill gracefully.  Dancing is not for me, friends....unless of course it's car dancing!
Do you have a car dancing class?  No?  Okay, bye. 

So, I resorted to eating super healthy, taking stairs instead of elevators, running once a quarter and, of course, car dancing, to stay in shape.  In case you are wondering, it's not all that effective.  Then, one day I discovered a place that gives me everything I want in a workout.  It's interactive and competitive, no hassle, no hype, and actually produces immediate results!  That place is TITLE Boxing Club!

Look at me now!

A combination of hardcore group classes, called POWER HOUR, led by amateur and pro or ex-pro fighters (Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts), and some even more hardcore personal training (my trainer is pictured above), I have not only lost weight and inches; I'm actually toned!  My body, confidence and focus have improved 100% since I joined TITLE almost one year ago.  In the last two months I have gone from a comfortable, Spanx clad size 6 to a Spanx free, toned size 2.    The best part about TITLE is that you don't plateau.   Every workout is different and intense; the trainers are tough but encouraging and are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. 

Long story short, this girl has gone from doing Gym Drive-by's to attending training sessions at two different TITLE locations, everyday! It's been a long frustrating road, but I LOVE that it led me to TITLE Boxing Club.

Check 'em out at or on


My favorite TITLE location  just opened up in Lenexa, KS!/pages/Title-Boxing-Club-in-Lenexa/166650306736028

I get to train with LC Davis on the weekends!  Not familiar with LC Davis?  Check him out too!

My personal trainer has won the Kansas City Golden Gloves 3 years in a row and is on his way to going pro!

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