Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You Gotta be a Moron to Wanna be a Fighter

Any Rocky fans out there?  Well, keep reading anyway.  This quote from Rocky (1976) came to my mind today, five days after fracturing my hand while boxing.  "You gotta be a moron... you gotta be a moron to wanna be a fighter."

It's true, I guess.  I look at it like this:  If you love something, nothing will keep you from it.  Case in point, I almost passed out on my trainer Thursday, the dreaded day of the fracture, because a pain so quick and intense traveled from my hand up through my arm and straight into my eyeball after I threw three, hard left hooks with an already injured hand.  The final hit is what did me in.  I remember swaaaayyyyyying, blinking, and everything going blurry. . .  I knew something terrible had just happened that I wouldn't be able to push through.  In fact, pushing through the pain up until that point is what landed me with a fractured hand anyway.  For a while, I will be a one handed typer, it takes me twice as long to get ready in the morning, it is impossible to put my hair in a pony tail by myself, and I hate the fact that I'm so restricted BUT I am counting down the days until I canuse my left arm again, to box.  So, I guess you could say I'm a moron.

The first thing I thought afterward?  If I go to the doctor, they won't let me box for a while.  I was not thinking, "I should let my hand heal.  I need to be in a splint."  Moron. 

My trainer, the voice of reason, threatened me, "If you don't get that checked out,  I will not train you."  So, I went to the doctor the following morning and sure enough it was fractured.  Boooo.

So, for a while my left arm will be immobilized, but I will not stop boxing.  Lately I've been shadow boxing with my left and keeping my focus on technique, not impact, as well as focusing on footwork. 

Someone asked me if this incident is making rethink this hobby of mine.  Nope.  I can't wait to get back into it, full force!  What if you get another break?  What if you end up needing surgery?  I will probably wear splints and have surgery if/when needed.  I love boxing and all of its benefits too much to let a little injury stop me.

You can call me Moron :)


  1. Comments from Facebook:
    Joshua Eccleston:

    You're awesome cuz. Any plans to fight competitively?

    Jess Harris:

    Seriously thinking about it. The more I get into the more I want to fight competitively. I need to get some things off my plate first though, like school, before I can devote the time necessary to do it right.

    Joshua Eccleston:

    I'll bet grandpa is way pumped about this. Glad you're doing something you love.

    Amy Moser:

    Dudet I totally know what it feels like to ony work with one hand at a time, roughly 6 months of the last year has way familiarized me...no fun!! I understand the boxing passion though, when the hand heals go for it.

  2. Hm, aside from the injury, you've got me thinking it sounds pretty fun and I need to try. =)
    As far as being a moron, I'd say no. I'd say that's what people do when they are passionate about something. I'd also say you can't be a quitter! =)