Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are You Sure You Want To Delete Everything in this Folder?

No!  No, I'm not sure! 


So it's my last full day before my short vacation.  I'm preparing my bosses and co-workers for every possible scenario:  payroll is prepped, offer letters for hypothetical future employees are written just in case one needs to be written or sent in my absence, I've distributed document templates, pre-written emails for others to send on my behalf, all with the required legal verbiage IF certain situations arise.  My brain hurts.  I've detailed my processes, broken them down further and even created a version I secretly refer to as the "Dummy" version, and then ended every last email with ". . .but seriously, if THAT happens just call my personal cell and I'll log in from San Diego." 

I do this to myself everytime I take a vacation.  I know the world won't end if I'm not here, but it would be difficult for others for a while, without these instructions, if I were to be eaten by a shark. 

Anyway, while proactively preparing for the worst and arming my colleagues with wisdom (and also annoying them with my anxiety driven  "just double checking" emails), I ended up running into an issue that could only be resolved with a document that only one of our executives has in his possession. 

He's out of town. 

No worries, I thought to myself, we map our personal drives to virtual servers so....

So, my plan was to use my system administrator rights to reset said executive's password, access his files, retrieve the document and move on, with his permission of course.  Was the document stored in his mapped drive?  Nooooo.  It was saved to the hard drive on his laptop.  (Just in case you are wondering, this is not best practice). 

New plan:  Log in to the physical machine, retrieve document, email it from his Outlook to myself, log out, and then. . .move on.  Everything was going smoothly, although I did  notice his electronic files were not efficiently arranged and categorized and I had to fight the urge to re-architect the files. Then. . .dun dun duuuunnnnn

The question of doom popped up as I was exiting his email:  Are you sure you want to delete everything in this folder and sub-folders? 

Those sitting in the cubicles outside of his office heard an audible "Gah!  No!  No, I'm not sure!"  I know my way around technology and have no idea why that popped up.  This has to be a joke!  If it had happened under my own account I would have been fine, and would have calmly clicked No, but imagining having to tell Mr. Exec, "Ummmm, so I deleted all your stuff.  That's cool, right?"  made my anxiety skyrocket.

I frantically clicked No, logged out, and backed away from the laptop and out of his office as if it could explode any moment. 

Have I mentioned lately that I'm looking forward to vacation?


  1. I was holding my breath... I thought you were going to say that you accidentally clicked yes. Glad you didn't! :) Have a safe and fantastic trip!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope you didn't hold your breath for too long! :) Thanks, Sades!

  3. Comment from Facebook:

    Manon Lawrence:

    hahahaha this made me laugh out loud. I may even have to go back and read it again just for the entertainment value. Thanks. :-D

  4. Comment from Facebook:

    Susan Harris

    Tooooo funny! But I'll admit . . . for a minute I thought that story was going to go another direction . . . maybe you'd accidentally clicked 'yes.' Gulp! By the way . . . I usually say to co-workers . . . "Just in case I get hit by a Mack truck . . . " I'll have to try the "shark" senario! That's a good one! Toooo funny!!! LoL

  5. This is something that only YOU would have to deal with before leaving for vacation! Haha...anyway, have a fun time in San Diego and hope those sharks don't get too tempted!

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