Friday, August 5, 2011

Mind vs. Body

My mind and body are literally in conflict today.  I am so happy that it has been raining!  There's a cool-ish breeze and the dark skies are soothing.  I love a good, cool, summer rain!  However, because of the moisture and change in barometric pressure from the storm, the entire left side of my body has been popping, creaking, aching and grinding today due to various injuries over the past few years.

The great knee and hip displacement from 2008?  Oh, how I'm feelin' it.  Dislocated shoulder from 2010?  Yep, feelin' that too.  Newly fractured wrist? Gah! At one point today I thought it might hurt less to saw it off with a blunt butter knife but, luckily, my very rational bff convinced me that such a thought was pretty stupid.  So, I will not be performing any amputations.

The right side of my body is teaming up with my brain, "What's the big deal, Lefty?  It's a beautiful day!" 

I think I'll go eat some ibuprofen now.

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!

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