Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Other Mama

My niece, Little E, is a very bright, witty, and matter-of-fact two year old who never ceases to amaze me.  A few months ago, I was visiting with Little E and her brothers and parents.  During dinner, Little E pointed across the room at her parents and said, "That's my daddy." 

I nodded.  "I know.  I love your daddy." 

She pointed at her mommy, "That's my mommy." 

Again, I nodded.  "I love your mommy too." 

Then Little E cocked her head and looked at me very seriously before asking, "Are you my mother?" 

Taken back a bit I said, "No, Little E, I'm your Jessica!" 

She insisted that I'm her mother and that her mommy is her mommy.  Where she came up with this, I will never know but I'm sure it's going to cause confusion when I am out in public with Little E and her mommy!

Little E has since been openly and consistenly referring to me as her Mother, Mom or Other Mama.  It is the weirdest thing.  She defintely knows the difference between me and her mommy and she still calls me Jessica and sometimes calls me Aunt Jessica too.  She just decided one day to include me in the mom category.  We (her parents and I) all laugh about it. We have no idea what sparked this little phase in Little E. 

Today, I was telling a friend about this phase, exclaiming about how cute it is and then I was reminded of a doctor's appointment that took place about a year ago. At the appointment, I was told I would probably never be able to carry a child to term, or would at least require a lot of medical assistance to do so.  I wasn't crushed, mainly because I'm not even sure I want kids.  I mean, I love children and anyone who knows me even a little bit can vouch for that, but if I never have my own I'll be okay.  However, there is that natural maternal part of me that caused me to be a little sad that I don't even have the option.  With all that said, the fact that Little E thinks enough of me to consider me her "Other Mama" is kind of awesome.

Me, Little E, and her brothers Sky-bye, and T-Rex

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