Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lightning Strike-- Or Not?

My hands were wrapped tightly around the paper cup filled with hot coffee.  The coffee being the only source of heat at that moment, I reluctantly let go with my left hand to quickly grab the dollars bills being handed to me out of the drive through window.  The warmth from the coffee cup on my hand was turning into a distant memory.  Just as soon as the money was within my grasp, the cashier pulled it back and grinned at me sheepishly.  He began to flip and turn the bills while also smoothing them and then handed them back, in a perfect stack.

"I couldn't hand them to you wrinkled and with the Presidents facing opposite directions.  Sorry, it's a quirk."

For a split second I entertained the idea that this was the lightning strike from God.  The lightning strike that meant this guy was The One.  Fortunately, I quickly realized that I was not attracted to this cashier at all. The only connection between us was the possiblity of my receiving a discount at Starbucks, that he was supplying me with a much needed legal, addictive stimulant, and that we share a quirk--arranging money.  His nerdy glasses were sort of awesome too, but I have a known and strange obsession with glasses which is often confused with attraction to the person wearing them, and is almost never the case.

Once the caffeine passed my lips and absorbed into my system, rationality returned. 

Moral of the story:  Don't allow yourself to think before consuming at least one cup of coffee.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gray Contemplation

I found this recently.  I wrote it September 25, 2007.

Gray Contemplation

Cold rain poured from the sky creating the most spectacular gray mist as it hit the hot ground. Trees were greener, grass was greener, but everything else was cast in gray. Beautiful gray.

I couldn't help but smile as I stood barefoot sipping my coffee while still in my pajamas-it's the first time in a long time that I had absolutely no where to be. The smell of autumn moving in. The sound of thunder, rain hitting the wooden balcony, streaming through the metal gutters. Lightning stabbing the sky in the distance, quickly and precisely. Chill in the air.

This was created for me. This moment. The air, the trees, the unexpected beauty in the middle of a city. The extraordinary shades of gray.

Nothing compares to this humble realization. No problem defeats it. No confusion scrambles it. I cannot deny that my Father in Heaven loves me, knows me, and has a plan for me. It was as if He was letting me know to hold on; wait out the uncertainty. Be still in the knowledge that it's all under control.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Gluh : A Disheartening Post

To shake or destroy the courage or resolution of; dispirit.  Dishearten.

A stolen compliment. A snide remark.  Negative focus.  Humans so easily and willingly dishearten others, especially, for some reason, those who actually need a good dose of support or positivity. It happens in the simplest of ways, in the most innocent of scenarios, with the people we claim to love. 

"Oh I'm just teasing"


Left Behind: Items Found in a Cubicle

Thinking about quitting your job and not sure how to properly clean out your cubicle?  I'm here to help!  Let's keep it simple by going over what not to leave behind. I thought that common sense and decency would play a natural role, but apparently it does not.  The items in this box proves that:


You should avoid leaving behind items that 1) gross people out and 2) could spread an infectious disease.  For example, a used toothbrush, an unwashed butter knife, ear buds, and band-aid wrappers.  My skin crawls just looking at these items.  I imagine molecular sized germs springing back and forth from object to object and then crawling all over the box.  I resorted to wrapping my hands in saran wrap before removing this box and dumping it and it's contents into the garbage.  Hand sanitizer was then used in excess.

Happy Handwashing!