Monday, November 7, 2011

Left Behind: Items Found in a Cubicle

Thinking about quitting your job and not sure how to properly clean out your cubicle?  I'm here to help!  Let's keep it simple by going over what not to leave behind. I thought that common sense and decency would play a natural role, but apparently it does not.  The items in this box proves that:


You should avoid leaving behind items that 1) gross people out and 2) could spread an infectious disease.  For example, a used toothbrush, an unwashed butter knife, ear buds, and band-aid wrappers.  My skin crawls just looking at these items.  I imagine molecular sized germs springing back and forth from object to object and then crawling all over the box.  I resorted to wrapping my hands in saran wrap before removing this box and dumping it and it's contents into the garbage.  Hand sanitizer was then used in excess.

Happy Handwashing!

1 comment:

  1. Ugh... Although the gross factor increases depending on the appearance and hygiene of said person. I'm guessing-based on the saran wrap- it must have been pretty bad...