Friday, December 30, 2011

Five Minute Friday : Open

Open might be my word for 2012.  Reading the definitions and synonyms made me realize that I need to be more. . .open.

Open can be overwhelming, but ultimately, open is. . .

Open can be scary
and make us feel
small and defensive. . .

Open helps us deal respectfully with one another because being open means that we are. . .


When we really become open, we are then. . .


  1. I *love* the way you've interspersed text and handwriting, and all the different words for open. Language and words are so powerful, and you ended with one of my most favourite words of all time - free. Praying that we can walk in the hard thing of vulnerability and openness, so that we can live in more and more of His freedom... Amen, baby!

  2. Fantastic post. I love the different definitions and the imagery. May you be more open. Have a blessed 2012.

  3. uncluttered...mind, home, life
    free...from everything that closes us up! This exactly what open is to me - thank you.


  4. hello. It's the first time I've visited here so I deciced to 'open' the tab you have, "About Me", and I must confess that I laughed out loud... for I too have a very, very secret desire to punch almost everyone I know in the face! (but of course I'll never do that, for I know it's a BIG no-no and I might just get punched back in the face- wouldn't want that!)

    btw, I like how you defined- OPEN.


  5. Thank you for your beautiful comments; they mean so much to me! I will be checking out and following your blogs!

  6. wow. this makes complete sense. imagine how many things you can feel or do when you start to become receptive. : )

  7. I love this Jess - and think this is your most beautiful post so far. Being open is freeing, how true. It does increase our vulnerability, yes, but is so worth it. Your thoughts on "Open" seem so complete to me that I can only give one word to sum it all up: "perfect" :) Keep up the lovely writing! You make me smile :)