Wednesday, January 4, 2012

100th Post!!

Late at night I write.  Words and punctuation marks in all sizes, colors and fonts
 and bOuNce off of the walls and furniture. 

They s c a tt  e r and morph.  Some escape through the sliding glass door and disipate into the atmosphere, joining the clouds. They become lodged under chairs, the oven, between books on the shelf.   Some even absorb into the floor before I can catch them to piece together a thought.   Some of them, the strongest and most important, land firmly and wait patiently until I can grab them.  I appreciate those particular words because they wait for me while I attempt to catch the others as they slip under the door, out of my grasp. 

Late at night, words                       s  h  o  w  e  r                          me.
                                                       s  h  o  w  e  r
                                                       s  h  o  w  e  r
                                                       s  h  o  w  e  r
                                                       s  h  o  w  e  r
                                                       s  h  o  w  e  r

Some words rain down softly, mesmerizingly, overwhelmingly. Others are jagged, agonizing, and sharp; still others are slick and smooth.  I select them, swiping them out of the air, piecing soft with smooth and slick with jagged, all in an effort to articulate a story. 

Behind one hundred published posts are fifty more drafts; incomplete thoughts waiting for the right words to polish them off.  My hope is that somewhere in one or two or maybe even twelve of these posts, the words I have stitched together have told a story, expressed an idea, bonded us, evoked emotion in you.  I hope they produced laughter, especially if it was at my expense!  I hope they made you think.  I hope they made me grow.

Thanks for reading!

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