Friday, January 13, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Awake

Here are five minutes worth of thoughts on . . .Awake!
Yesterday, I drove carefully down farm roads lightly covered with a fresh dusting of snow. 
Ironically, even before Gypsy Mama assigned "Awake" as the Five Minute Friday topic, I was humming the Awakening Chorus.  In case you aren't familiar with this hymn, it's pretty spectacular when it's sung in a large congregation and/or by a talented choir.  I tried to find a You Tube video or mp3 to link to this post. . .but they all sounded less than desirable and I couldn't bring myself to make you listen to them! 
Cruising up and down hills, around bends and turns, I hummed a line then sang a line and snapped some pictures.
Awake! awake! and sing the blessed story;

Awake! awake! and let your song of praise arise;

Awake! awake! the earth is full of glory,

And light is beaming from the radiant skies;

The rocks and rills, the vales and hills resound with gladness,

All nature joins to sing the triumph song.
 The Lord Jehovah reigns and sin is backward hurled!

Rejoice! rejoice! lift heart and voice, Jehovah reigns!

Proclaim His sov’reign pow’r to all the world,

And let His glorious banner be unfurled!

Jehovah reigns! Rejoice! rejoice! rejoice! Jehovah reigns!

Ring out! ring out! O bells of joy and gladness;

Repeat, repeat anew the story o’er again,

Till all the earth shall lose its weight of sadness,

And shout anew the glorious refrain;

Ye angels in the heights, sing of the great Redeemer,

Who saves us from the pow’r of sin and death.

Under normal circumstances I would have zipped down each road, determined to make it to my destination but because I always practice a little caution when there is snow or ice on the ground, I took in the scenery and even stopped, got out of my car just to capture a herd of cows hanging out.  I felt alert; Awake!    

When I arrived at my destination, my sister's house, I found this sleeping boy:

At two days old, he does not want to be awake.  We tried to wake him up so we could see his eyes:
Despite our attempts, he just rubbed his sleepy eyes, made a terrible yet cute face and kept sleeping. He slept and slept and slept, for hours, until the last twenty minutes of my visit.  Suddenly, my sleepy, cuddly nephew was Awake!

Isn't he amazingly cute?  I think so too. 

 It's amazing how each and every one of my nephews and nieces influences me to awaken to my surroundings; to what really matters in life.  This week, what really mattered was a four hour road trip to see my newest nephew, his awesome older brother CK, my sister and brother-in-law, and of course my parents and little brother.  We just sat around and held a sleeping infant (and I played some Angry Birds with CK) but I never feel more alive or important or Awake! as I do when I've turned off my "work brain" for a while and I get to spend time with family. 


  1. Visiting from The Gypsy Mama and so glad I did! Enjoyed reading the refrains and loved to see the newborn photo - Precious!

  2. I LOVE driving around on a snowy day and just looking (and seeing and snapping away). I am jealous. We live in Costa Rica now (which I love) but I miss winter in many ways. I miss the survival, the beauty, and rhythm of swinging seasons. That makes one feel awake! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aw! Love it Jess :)