Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 1, 2012: The Perfect Day

Perfect?  Yes.  January 1, 2012 was perfection.  It started off a little weird only because I woke up (at noon) thinking it was Saturday when it was actually Sunday.  That's what the holiday season does to me!  My schedule gets thrown off course by company-wide days off.  Holiday season 2011 was further complicated by my frequent trips to the doctor, all for super strange illnesses and / or allergic reactions that then led to illnesses.  Good times.  I haven't been sure of what the actual day is since October!

The first day of the New Year was perfect because:

I woke up without chest pain, for the first time in over two weeks! 

I spent hours of quality time with my bff Sades!  I really enjoy getting to know her as an adult. We learned that we have complete opposite tastes in perfume, colors that appeal to us, jewelry designs, and sweets (she HATES chocolate....that's right, it's pretty unbelievable!).  Sitting across from her in a coffee shop, she with her frozen-something-or-other and me with my cafe mocha, I just felt lucky.  I remember when she was a toddler and thinking to myself, "I hope, when she grows up, she's still awesome."  And she is!  I'm blessed to count her among my closest friends. 

I attended the evening church service and received an insightful message that I swear was just for me.  I couldn't believe how right on the sermon was.  It's also where I experienced being See Through

Later that night, I spent time with friends.  It was a relaxed evening with people I really should see more often.  Single, married, kids, no kids, careers--our statuses and phases of life have changed a lot since the days of playing laser tag and having nerf gun wars or going on canoe trips, watching movies and playing video games together.  Conversations were interrupted by cute little kiddos playing, needing attention, fighting and learning how to share. Perfect.

My perfect day extended into the early hours of January 2nd.  It was during the drive home that I realized that I'm getting to old for this staying out late stuff!  Sleep deprivation was worth the perfection of the day.

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