Monday, January 2, 2012

See Through

When you are dealing with something-- a very loaded and heavy something-- explaining it is too difficult.  Defining it is impossible.  Seeking understanding is distant and improbable.  The act of dealing with it combined with the lack of outlet and understanding creates an ache and eventually graduates up into chest pain resulting in new relationships with medical specialists. 

Then, sometimes, when you have resolved to letting this particular struggle stay invisible to the outside world a dear church friend will sit down in your pew at church right before the service starts and say something that strikes your very core. It's as if she sees right through you.  Without explanation, she understands that very loaded heavy something that you are struggling with.  In a few short sentences, she has validated you and spoken words of encouragement and hope. 

For a person who defaults to guarding emotion from others, being see through or open is scary--until it happens.  Once it happens, a little bit of weight lifts up off your chest.  A little bit of built up, walled off, crocodile guarded emotion is released.  A kindred spirit is forged in the space between the souls in the pew.  To that person, being see through becomes a blessing; a quiet validation that she is not alone in her struggle.


  1. Amy totally has this ability with me. Sometimes I don't even recognize I'm struggling with something and she will pull me aside and say, "What's going on? I can tell you are worrying about something." It is an amazing gift of freindship and love.

  2. It's wonderful when God provides what you need through someone else. Helps you know that He's watching out for you and is sheltering you in the shadow of His wings. :-)