Monday, March 5, 2012

Thwarted Plans

So many things went wrong today.

I had a plan; a checklist; a purpose.

Meetings started late.  Focus was diverted.  Mistakes.  Clean up.  Apologies.  Reprimands.

I wanted to spend today in my office, alone, with my iTunes playlist shuffling in the background.  I wanted to sit on the floor, criss-cross-applesauce, surrounded by files, a hole punch, pink and yellow highlighters, and a list.  I wanted to.

Instead, I scurried.  I had to listen to complaints.  I had to teach a grown adults how to apologize to an extremely angry client.  I had to review and approve the tiniest of decisions; no-brainers.  I had to accept extra delegation and then realized I myself had no one to delegate to.  I wanted to get something done today.

Hair wrapped up in a messy bun, a sure sign of frustration, I gazed out the window for a minute.  Hands on my head, I took a deep breath in.  I wished I could go for a walk.  I wished I could get out under the sun and have the sky meet me where I stood.  I was trapped inside, fixing and fighting, ready to give up, yearning to yell.  And then. . .

And then, someone said thank you.  Thank you for listening to me vent.  Thank you for walking me through that; I was scared.  Thank you for making the final call; I wasn't sure what to do.  Thank you for taking that over; I had other deadlines. . .

So many things went wrong today.  It all began with my plan, my checklist, and my own formulated purpose.


Today, I had the privilege of lending an ear, of teaching, of practicing my own developed decision making skills, to assist and to lessen a burden.  I accomplished a lot today.

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  1. Comments from facebook:

    Amy M.-
    Jess, those people you work with every day are blessed. They are blessed to have you for the same reasons I am grateful you are my dear friend. You are a great listener and you have sound advise and you CARE. That is a blessing to all of us.
    March 6 at 11:38pm ·

    Mark H.-
    Thank you. Thank you for being you, Jessica, a child of the most awesome God. A daughter of the living God. A precious creation that was made in His image. Thank you!
    March 7 at 5:28am ·

    Fisher Ofmen-
    Good job Jessica.
    March 7 at 6:50pm ·

    Janice W.-
    Thank you so much for sharing both your frustration, and your overcoming it with the aid of the Lord. Love, Aunt jlw
    March 7 at 8:23pm ·

    Cathy LFH-
    My beautiful, eloquent daughter. Come take a hike with me :)