Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Waldeinsamkeit : Achieved

There's an amazing amount of perspective gained on mini-vacations.  I found mine on this boulder in the middle of a stream in Ponca, Arkansas.  After a beautiful hike on the Lost Valley Trail, we were a little more leisurely on the return trip.  In my leisure, I spied a stream with a boulder planted smack in the middle of it, and I felt it pulling me toward it.  I crossed the frigid waters, my citified feet carefully navigating the rocks beneath, and stood on my boulder a while.  I stood, disconnected from my normal life, still and quiet.

Then, I sat.  Can you hear that?  Can you hear the water swiftly passing by, pushed by the roaring force of a waterfall somewhere upstream?  I still can.  It spilled and slipped over rocks, crashed against fallen limbs and trunks, all the while serenading me with it's melodious white noise.  Its hum.

My face relaxed so I lied back, my body molding to the slight convex curve of the rock, hoodie wadded up behind my head. And just before a short nap,

I gazed upward and saw this

There are much greater things to experience than the tedious, monotonous things of daily life that we justify as normal or successful by stamping them with societal importance.  I find these things most often in the woods.


  1. One of my favorite places . . . Lost Valley. :)


  2. Life as we think we know it, and life as we truely see it:)