Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's in the Knowing

I step into my brother and sister-in-law's house and call for them but there's no response.  There is life in the house, my nephew is banging and crashing somewhere down the hallway, I hear the television downstairs, and a hurried, whirring sound coming from the dining room.   I head toward the whirring, hurried sound and suddenly notice stacks and stacks of fabric on the floor, the couch, and as I enter the dining room I see more stacks of fabric piled ceiling high.

My sister-in-law is a wonderful seamstress so I immediately rule this behavior as acceptable, although the excessive amount of fabric is alarming, but assume that she is probably working on making her own wardrobe.  I wonder if I can convince her to make a few clothing items for me?  She is bent over her sewing machine pushing fabric through, cutting thread, and never looking up. 

I begin to browse the stacks of fabric, looking for a color or pattern that might appeal to me.  Upon browsing I feel disgusted.  The prints and color are very childish!  My first thought is, "I have to stop her from making clothing out of this material!  She will look ridiculous!"  I turn on my heel and sprint toward the basement where I am sure to find my brother.  My plan is to convince him to stage a fashion intervention for his wife.  I burst through the door to the den and before I can tell him of the fashion horror I witnessed upstairs, he smiles.  He smiles proudly.  Then, all at once it hits me and I stop.

Breathlessly, I say, "She's?  You guys are having another baby?"

He nods, "And it's a girl."

Then. . . I wake up.

I've had this same dream for three years now, probably twice a year if I had to average it out.  First of all, I am pretty sure it means that I think a little too much about clothes and fashion. . . Each time I've had this dream I have immediately woken up and thought Yeah, that's not going to happen.  I had long since written off the idea of my brother and sister-in-law having another child only because they seemed good with one and never openly talked about having more.

Two weeks ago I had the dream again and when  I woke up I had butterflies in my heart.  Hope, maybe?  Or did I know something?  I tried to forget it but have had thoughts of a little baby girl in their arms (okay, my arms too) ever since.

A few days later, I was on the phone with my brother and we were discussing careers or something.  I wanted to blurt out, "You two should have another kid!  I will help with diapers!" I thought better of it and kept talking about the economy.  Before signing off from the call my brother said, "Oh yeah, and we have  something to tell you."  I excitedly yelled, "Wait!!  Don't tell me!! I want to guess!! You're pregnant!"


I said, "And I know it's a girl, I had a dream about her!"

We won't know the baby's sex for a while so I'm going off of gut feeling and a crazy weird recurring dream.  For the record, my sister will roll her eyes at this because I was so sure that her second child was going to be a girl (so did she) but he's a he :) and I love him.

Anyway, my 5 year old soon-to-be-a-big-brother nephew told me, "I am going to have a sibling!  I want a girl because she will have her own room and play with her own toys."  <---- He's going to have to talk to my brothers about how well that worked out for them with their sister. :)

If you need me, you can find me at Babies R Us.  The End.

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