Friday, August 24, 2012

The Most Romantic Thing Ever

The Most Romantic Thing Ever is subjective.

For some, the most romantic thing ever is being proposed to at a sporting event and having it captured on video and displayed on the huge screen at the stadium.  I don't find that romantic.  I stress for the girl every time I see something like that happen.  For most, receiving flowers is romantic.  It is.  I received some a couple weeks ago (and chocolate) and every time I glanced at the them throughout the week I smiled like an idiot, face resting on my hands, and I think I even sighed.

Receiving flowers is not the most romantic thing ever, though.  It's sweet.  It's so nice.  It's wonderful.   There's a reason, though, that people go into business selling flowers; because a lot of people find sending and receiving flowers to be romantic. So, while it IS romantic, it's not the most romantic thing EVER.  This became very clear to me earlier this week when I literally experienced the most romantic thing ever.

My day was busy, my day was stressful, and the result of that in me is snark.  He sweetly and jokingly offered to kidnap me from work to which I responded, "Nah.  Don't kidnap me, just bring me food."  It is widely known that I can become so caught up in work that I forget to eat or that I don't realize I'm hungry until about an hour before my work day is over.  So, while the idea of being kidnapped is fun, it would stress me out if it were to actually happen, even on my worst day, because I'm a coughworkaholiccough.  I appreciated the thought though. Knowing he was not in a position to kidnap me, let alone actually bring me food, I got back to work. That was at 10:50 AM.

At 11:02 I received the following text:  "Your food is on it's way."


Internal dialogue:  What?   That's kind of mean to joke about food. . . He's not mean, though.  How is it possible that he is bringing me food?  It's not possible.

I continued with the confusing inner dialogue and then came right out and asked, "What?  How?"

And then the most romantic thing ever happened, via text message. (I typed this sentence picturing cartoon birds pooping glittery hearts while chirping the tune of some cheesy love song. . .okay actually they were specifically chirping You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates.  They may have also been choreographically flying. . .   I realize close friends and family don't recognize me right now!)

Me:  What?  How?

Him:  Smart phone and a debit card, all from the seat of a crane in Idaho.

Me:  What the what?  You're super amazing

Get ready for it . . .

Him:  So are you.  You deserve it.  They said it would be there shortly.  I hope it's ok.  It's a veggie sandwich from down the street.

Boom!  Most romantic thing ever!

Combining his very best creeper skills with a real desire to take care of me, he googled restaurants near my office that serve vegetarian sandwiches, ordered one, and had it delivered to me.  Not only that, but he also followed up to make sure I had utensils because he remembered that I don't like to eat with my bare hands. 

Face resting on hands.  Sigh.  And yes, I took a picture of the sandwich and the receipt because that's apparently how I roll now.


  1. AW! I'm so happy for you Jess! He sounds wonderful!

  2. That is awesome! I would have to agree, that could very well be one of the most romantic things ever! You need to tell him to give my guy some pointers!