Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birth of a Blog Post

This is where Mind of Me posts are born

They are born on scratch paper, scribbled quickly yet meaningfully before the thought flutters away.  They are born during my work day in between meetings and just after payroll is submitted, they are born at home after I've changed out of my business attire, they are born in my car, in the woods, and in the middle of the night when sleep won't come.  

Paper is always kept nearby:  notebooks, tablets, post-its- anything with which to record the thoughts that cross my mind.  They aren't written eloquently or neatly, initially.  I often trace compulsively over select words and phrases until they are dark and bold.  I scratch other words out.

Not everything that I capture haphazardly develops into a post.  Sometimes it becomes a  bookmark stored in a random book for safe keeping in hopes that someday in the future it could develop into something if I happen to stumble upon it again.  Novels and non-fiction favorites are filled with my writings on scraps of paper.   

Before my thoughts and stories become clean, typed posts, they are physical, handwritten evidences of spontaneity, of humor, of sadness, of struggle, of memories.  Works of art; raw thoughts made tangible with paper and ink.   


  1. I usually do this too with my posts! I really enjoy reading your style of writing.